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Why company name generators dont work

If you looking for a name for your business you want it to be great, memorable, catchy, easy to pronounce, etc. The question is, can a company name generator help you with creating such a name? The answer is no, and here is why..

Why company name generators don’t work:

1. Do you really want your new company name to be created by some random company name generator that just mixes up some letters and words without even knowing what kind of name he just created for you?

2. A generator is only able to generate a limited amount of names, most of the time the best names are picked and registered already.

3. Often the names created by such a generator don’t have a .com domain name available, which is a must these days for every modern international company.

4. No human participation in the process whatsoever, there are many important factors when developing a company name that a generator does not consider. Think of uniqueness, company specifications, etc.

5. Can only work for fictional company names, since it does not know what type of business you’re company is in. This could lead to a unattractive name for your target market.

6. Most of the time generators show wacky creations due to merging random words and letters such as: Axivlope, Podsbuzz, Skytdeaf, etc.

A company name is simply too important for the future of your company, it’s something you and all other employees will be faced with every single day. You really want some random name generator create a company name for you that might be total useless and unrelevant?

Let Frozen Lemons take a look at your type of business, provide them with as much relevant information as possible and they will be able to find you a company name that fits your company specifications and does the job!

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  1. Selecting a name for a company is of most importance and should never be left for a machine to pick. As you said already there are way to many factors that need to come into play. I would strongly recommend using a real company or service to pick a name as opposed to a machine.

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  4. anurag agrawal said:

    I need a good name for my new construction company starting with letter “M”

  5. i need a good name for my new business venture.starting with letter v or p or s

  6. Need a name for my Investment company starting from letter J ..Please help

  7. dear sir good evening i want to make new company just plz choose one best name for my company i be very happy from your honesy help.

  8. Dear sir


  9. Will the name ” Breeze Aircon Infrastructure Pvt Ltd ” work for all fields of Business such as Civil , Interiors , Architecture Fire Fighting , Plumbing , HVAC , Turnkey Project Solutions etc ?????

  10. Hi, I am searching a good name for housekeeping company.the name must contain the meaning related to the cleaning. for example “Speak n Span”it means “neat and clean.”

  11. Ahmed said:

    we are the partners of 5 members we want to open the Electrical manufacturing company please sugest the good name

  12. Dear sir,
    I need a good name for my home delivery grocery supply with A & S & J letter.

  13. Hi,

    I need a simple but creative name for my wholesaler bussiness.
    Is a mobile phone bussiness.

    Many Thanks!

  14. kindly suggest a name for our new hotel project…..

    food:- chinees.indian,tandoor……….spcl items: chicken kebabs,grill chicken,chicken tandoor .

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